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IDEA IDEAL WGR-B Wire Connector,Ideal,Bu

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Ideal Industries/ WGR-B

Ideal Industries WGR-B

Catalog Number: WGR-B

UPC:  78178947007

Status:  NonStock

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  • With a full line for virtually every wire size and combination, the WingTwist™ Wire Connector offers a great combination of performance and value.
  • The contoured wing design of the WingTwist™ provides maximum torque for a variety of electrical applications while the copolymer shell and live-action spring expand for smooth, progressive tightening providing dependable connections.
  • With a tough, flame-retardant shell that withstands environmental extremes, and a long, deep skirt to provide maximum dielectric protection to prevent flash-over and turned-back strands, the WingTwist™ Wire Connector brings comfort and performance at a price that is right.
  • The Combination WireTwist™/WingTwist™ Kit offers one easy solution for all your twist-on wiring needs. This 620-piece kit features an assortment of all models and sizes of WireTwist™ and WingTwist™ Wire Connectors in a handy plastic storage case. Perfect for maintenance and small project applications where several different wire connectors are required.
  • Contoured wing design provides maximum torque
  • Flexible shell expands for smooth, progressive tightening providing dependable connections
  • Expanding, square-wire spring creates secure connections
  • Wide, deep skirt opening accommodates a variety of wire combinations
  • A full line for virtually every wire size and combination
  • Model WGR approved for bonding and grounding applications


  • Model: WGR
  • Wire Combination Range: 14 to 10 AWG Min. 2 #14 Max. 5 #12
  • Wire Combination Range (mm): 2.5mm2 to 6.0mm2 Min. 2-2.5mm2 Max. 5-4.0mm2
  • Quantity: Bag of 250





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