Return Policy

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It's our sincere desire to be fair and as flexible as possible to our customers with regards to material returns. If we have shipped material to you incorrectly, or we have unintentionally sent defective material to you, we will immediately pick up the material, with our apologies. We strive to "Do the right things right, first time, every time" but sometimes fall short.

If we did ship your material correctly, and you have decided for whatever reason you no longer need the material, we would ask you to consider four points before attempting to make a return.

  1. Please do not ask to return material that you yourself would not accept as new if it were sold to you. Obviously, for Electric Supply to remain in business, we must turn around and sell returned material to another customer.
  2. Please don't ask us to accept returned materials that were not purchased from Electric Supply, Inc.
  3. If you are returning job material, we ask that you inform your Outside Sales Representative of your intentions prior to requesting the material be picked up. Our Outside Sales Representative will gladly inspect the material you wish to return and create an accurate returns list before we send out a truck.