Service Guarantee

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Yes! It’s in Stock

Guaranteed Top 250 Items:

We guarantee our top 250 items in stock every day, every time.

Click here for a complete list of our top 250 items.


Yes! It’s Right

Guaranteed Order Accuracy:

We guarantee 100% order accuracy on all orders shipped on our truck.

The items shipped will match the items on your ticket; every day, every time.


Yes! It’s Ready

Guaranteed Pick Up:

We guarantee your will-call order will be ready within 25 minutes of when you placed the order; every day, every time.

Restrictions limited to wire cuts and conduit/pipe. This guarantee only applies to orders called in advance to be picked up at our will-call service desk.


If we fail to meet any of these guarantees, we will pay you $25 in the form of Service Guarantee Certificate that will be sent to your office.

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